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PostPosted: 2011-04-13 09:52 
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Well here is the low down from my point of view...

-Menus so much faster and lag free than Confrontation, they look and feel like MAG menus but so does most of the game.
-You can change weapons between rounds
-If your inactive and not spawning to help your team in regular game modes you get booted automatically
-Weapons seem to be somewhat realistic.
-Classic mode movement speed is definitely faster than regular mode and feels more like Socom.
-Camera functions and behavior are understandable but don't always seem to work out for you.
-Cover system is fluent and seamless. It's not needed for play but really improves survivability.
-Takes a very long time to upgrade weapons, no instantaneous Tilly whores here.
-Upgrades are limited usually to extra ammo mags, stability, grips, scopes and under barrel attachments.
-Upgrades are earned in order for each weapon no picking what you want first.
-No upgrading one weapon and it affects all in class, must unlock upgrades for each weapon individually.
-PMN Mines are back and they stay on the map after you die
-As of right now you can kill people after the round is over still
-Classic mode seems to be played 8v8, Regular mode is played 16v16
-You can pick up all ammo from fallen soldiers, friend and foe. Yes even grenades.
-D-pad Up to talk otherwise it's proxy chat only. More than one person can take at the same time!!

-It's not Confrontation, Not even close........
-Grenades don't work like they should, it's not even realistic and definitely not like Confrontation. No line and no real control over trajectory simple point and shoot grenade literally.
-Knifing is intermittent, not sure if due to lag or what but sometimes will miss completely when standing right in front of someone, much like Confrontation.
-Running and Gunning are not the same and never will be again. Getting caught off guard is very easy and the game seems to favor quicker reflexes than strategy.
-Maps are nice and open yet packed with obstacles as advertised but gives the game the CoD and Halo feel
-Regular mode feels just like CoD or Halo, guys spawning up your asshole and spawn camping. This will definitely bring the masses back to Socom but for the game we want them to play.
-Difficult to get used to the fact that you have to visually hunt down the last man to win, no "gun hot" feature to make it easier.
-Spec Ops and Insurgents look very similar and except for the blue dots on your teamates you can run right past an enemy and not know it.
-Ranking system is the same for both the Classic and Regular Modes.
-Camera angles are relly screwy sometimes, pushing your camera into odd positions when you get in tight to your character

A lot of changes from the norm as far as a Socom Franchise title is concerned. Change is difficult, however we all adapt. All I can hope for is with Zipper's experience on MAG and their attention to the game mechanics, input from fans during Beta and the months past Lauch we might see the game become the game we love in 2 years time as we have come to love Confrontation after such a long painful process.

***I will update this post with new info as I find it.


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