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PostPosted: 2011-04-30 08:43 
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Posted by zpr_DunhamSmash


The most common question on the SOCOM 4 forums directed at Zipper is easily, “what changes are you guys making based on our feedback and internal data collection?” While we have answered some of these questions one at a time in various threads, the guarantee that everyone would see those multiple posts is very small. With that in mind we’ve put this list together to better inform you of some of the changes and additions you’ll see to the retail version of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals (aka SOCOM: Special Forces).

One note about all changes listed below, these revisions are not reflective of all planned updates or changes -- just what we can confirm at this time. All listed updates are considered tentative pending Zipper and Sony Computer Entertainment approval and could be moved to a different patch without notice.

Update: The PSN Outage that occurred on April 20 delayed the deployment of all patches and SOCOM Pro content and our new dates reflect that. Sorry for any inconvenience.

First Patch – SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs v1.02
Release Date: April 19, 2011


Increased XP requirements to gain “rank” levels
Lowered XP bonuses for “Classic” mode “Wins”
Decreased Weapon XP bonuses earned for “Kills, Assists” and “Headshots”
Adjusted “Classic” mode merit bonuses so that “Kills, Assists, Team Kills, Bomb Techs Killed” and “Data Carriers Killed” are the only bonuses that are increased by “Classic” status
Expanded “heal” detection area for teammate revive command
(Standard Mode) Suppression game length changed to 10 minutes from 20 minutes
(Classic Mode) Suppression rounds changed to 11 from 7
(Classic Mode) Suppression rounds changed to 5 minutes from 7
(Classic Mode) Uplink rounds changed to 11 from 4
(Classic Mode) Uplink game length changed to 5 minutes from 10
(Standard Mode) Last Defense rounds changed to 1 from 3
(Standard Mode) Last Defense minutes changed to 15 from 30
(Classic Mode) Last Defense rounds changed to 11 from 5
(Classic Mode) Last Defense minutes changed to 5 from 11
(Classic Mode) Bomb Squad rounds changed to 10 from 4
(Classic Mode) Bomb Squad minutes changed to 7 from 10

Weapons and Gear

Increased firing accuracy for all weapons and views so that the first few shots are substantially more accurate (with variations by weapon)
Increased horizontal and vertical recoil while in Reflex, ACOG and Low Variable Scope modes
Long-range Sub-machine Gun damage has been tightened
Decreased maximum throwing power and lowered throwing angle for all grenade types
Fixed the display stats for the FDO-11 and IW80-A2 assault rifles to their appropriate values

Audio/ Visual

Camera position has been moved back to show more of the player-character
Camera field of view has been widened by roughly 20%
Smoothed camera movements when changing locations in tight spaces
Updated “Vote Kick” user-interface so that it takes up less of the screen


Fixed issue that prevented Clan Challenge queue from properly working


Made various PlayStation Move adjustments including latency reduction, less sensitive recoil countering, the added ability to pitch up while firing, and turn/ pitch tuning
Renamed PlayStation Move control schemes to “Standard Aim” and “Standard Arcade”

Second Patch – SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs v1.03
Estimated Release: Early-Mid June 2011

Repaired multiple issues related to camera collision
Updated "tap-to-talk" in Classic mode so that it functions properly on with all DualShock control schemes and the PlayStation Move/ Sharp Shooter peripheral
Fixed "spawn delay" issue that prevented players from spawning simultaneously consistently
Added controller options for adjusting the dead zone and acceleration curve
Added option to activate a center dot for your targeting reticule if desired
Added option to turn in-game XP displays on or off
Removed Merits and Victory Dances in Clan Challenge Matches
"Ready" Clans are now filtered to the top of the Clan Challenge list
Added Clan Lobby Player Counts to Clan Challenge Invites
Made improvements to camera while in "Spectator" View
Increased strafe and backwards movement character speed
Increased Victory Dance animation duration
Multiplayer Gametypes are now organized by category
Added queues for "Classic Small Suppression. Classic Medley" and "Classic Small Medley"

Third Patch – SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs v1.04
Estimated Release: Summer 2011

Activation of SOCOM 4 Party System
More to confirm…

Patch(es) TBD
Estimated Release: TBD

Mic system overhaul that improves UI, functionality
More to confirm…

Jeremy Dunham
Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive



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PostPosted: 2011-04-30 08:47 
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This shit is gay, another Socom release not ready for actual release date. What were they doing with the extra 6 months they delayed the game for? If you must know take your hand and stick you thumb out and then sit on it, that's what they were doing the last 6 months. Half of their work was done for them with the framework already made for MAG and yet this is the product we get. It's really sad.


PostPosted: 2011-05-05 21:57 
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........WE NEED MORE.....


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