About -x

Hello from the -xeCuTioNRs!

We are a clan of individuals dedicated to honest, clean and respectful gaming.

With the release of the Greatest Online TPS Franchise Socom: US Navy Seals in 2002, [>X<] xecutioners were born. Renamed [xL*] xecutioner LEGENDS during the release of Socom II: US Navy Seals in 2003. In 2005, once again with a new franchise release of Socom 3: US Navy Seals the name was changed again to [-x] -xeCuTioNRs. From that point on [-x] progressed in everything but name.

We were once primarily a PS3/Socom Clan but today -xeCuTioNRs has over 100 members in our community and play all major online games on PS3, XBOX, PC. With more than 35% of our members being with the clan for more than 5 years we have a lot of experience.

Feel free to check out our website, forums, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for all the latest news and info about our community and the gaming world we live in.

Thank you from the -xeCuTioNRs Administration & Council


These rules are simple, but needed to keep our main focus. Which is to have respect for our tags. [-x]

1: Respect the Tags, Leaders, Captains, Council and all members.

2: Anyone caught glitching, cheating or disrespecting any member of [-x] or any other acts not congruent with proper etiquette, will be reviewed and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

3: Anyone leaving the clan without valid reasoning, will not be reinvited. Only way to come back will be a council meeting and a vote will be held on the matter.

4: All other matters will be dealt with in a quick swift manner. If the Leaders, Captains or Council members can't reslove the issue, a clan meeting will be held to decide the matter.

5: Promotions are limited. Recommendations are welcome. If you feel you need to step down, please do so. It's what makes [-x] better.

6: Inactive members will be removed off the roster. Members will still be welcomed, but must prove to the Clan that they are here to stay.

7: In wars, please do not leave your brothers behind, because you had a bad night. Take it like the rest of us. We win together, we lose together.

8: Respect our members playing style, if they're not great, don't go out of your way to tell them. If you feel you can help, then help otherwise keep it to your self.

9: We do not recruit for numbers or skill alone, we recruit for the future. We look for skill, integrity, patience, knowledge, maturity and humility. If you have friends or family that want to try out, then so be it. Tags are FREE with acknowledgement of Clan Rules, a one month probationary period to prove you're [-x] material and can contribute to making the clan better.

10: Remember it's a game, we don't need to hate the next player. Respect them, and hopefully they will respect you.

If you can't follow these rules, then you don't belong, thank you for your interest, and RELAX, it's just a game...